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Quick news:
See my photos on Flickr: Philippine Photos on Flickr
Advertising space available - please take a look at Philippine Ad Sales for more details.
I'm actively accepting more clients in Pattaya, Thailand, for photography and web site management. Please contact me today.
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Web Site Development and Management

I’m now offering web site development and management services in Olongapo City, Philippines. I also offer photography services. If you need new photos of your hotel, restaurant or club, please contact me today. I have several clients in the area, and am always looking for more. I’m also very interested in expanding my business in Pattaya, Thailand.

Here are a few examples of web sites that I’ve built and currently manage, including custom photography services:

Read more

11 Ways To Improve Your Photography: A Free E-Book from Craft and Vision

Craft & Vision
11 Ways to Improve Your Photography

This eBook is jam-packed with 11 articles that will help photographers of all levels improve what they do. And yes, it’s free. Craft & Vision is a collection of hands-on, practical articles written by the following photographers (David duChemin, Piet Van den Eynde, Andrew S. Gibson, Nicole S. Young, Alexandre Buisse, Stuart Sipahigil, Eli Reinholdtsen and Michael Frye).

Readers will gain fresh ideas and insights into improving their photographic vision and the skills required to compose the images they want to make. It is 67 spreads (as in 134 magazine pages) which makes it the second largest eBook we’ve ever produced.

Download it. Enjoy it. Tell your friends about it. Read more Free Photography Service
Web Site Development and Management
Free E-Book!

~ Fairfield Bay, Arkansas ~

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